Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The hip hop legend in Athens!

After so long the hip hop lord Grandmaster Flash is back in Athens to remind (and teach the younger audience) what TRUE HIP HOP means. The history of Hip Hop through the hands of a music god!

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Techno vinyl gems hunt :)

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Amiga A-500 plus proud owner !!!

OMG! Since i was a child i was soooo jealous of friends or people that owned an Amiga system. Back in the days, I was able to own (and re-owned few years ago) two personal computers.  A ZX Spectrum +2 and later on i got an Amstrad cpc 664. Love them both and i've been playing games countless hours in both systems. But then....the Amiga came....oh those graphics....the games....and ofcource...THE MUSIC THROUGH THE FIRST TRACKERS! Polyphonic melodies, dance, rave, trance, drum n bass, techno, you name it! Damn it blew my mind! I always wanted to have one but never got the money nor the chance and the knowledge for such system. 
Later on when i got involved with the PC trackers and the composing the desire for and Amiga become a retro dream. I could never imagine that in 2019 my mate TheMaxx (pc and software geek, among other music things) would give me his Amiga A-500 plus! Still can't believe it! This beast is mine finally in full working condition :D Here it is guys!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Liquid new album finally arrived :)

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